Suppliers of Waikato's Finest Garage Doors

Cedar Doors and More manufacture and supply multiple styles of sectional, bi-fold and tilt garage doors. Our garage door range includes but is not limited to TG+V Vertical or Horizontal Cedars, Ply/batten (Cedar or Pine battens), Flat Panel Alucabond, Negative Detail Alucabond, Slat Style and Barn Style garage doors. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.....

Step 1 - What type of garage door do you want?

We can make sectional, tilt, swinging, sliding or bi-folding garage doors

Step 2 - What type of material do you want it made from?

Cedar is our speciality, but we can offer a vast range of materials, for example ply and cedar batten or alumininium composite in any colour.

Step 3 - What design or profile would you like?

Horizontal, Vertical, Ply-batten, Herring bone or Custom. We can add in additional features such as windows if you want extra light, beveled bases or extra battens in particular shapes.

Cedar Garage Doors

Cedar sectional garage doors provide the natural feel, style and beauty of timber with added features such as long-lasting strength, security and durability.


We also offer:

  • Duragalv steel sub-framing (our standard framing)

  • Marine-grade aluminium sub-framing

  • Timber sub-framing

  • Installation packages

  • Automation options

  • Timber pre-frame work (e.g. carport enclosing).

Vertical cedar sectional
3x vertical cedar sectional door
vertical cedar garage door
Vertical cedar tilt doors 128x18mm boards
Vertical cedar tilt door.
Horizontal Cedar door
Vertical cedar sectional door
Rusticated shiplap cedar garage door
standard vertical cedar sectional door
Custom Vertical bi-fold designed sectional  with windows
Double vertical cedar tilt garage doors
black ACM with negative detail
Horizontal Alloy garage door
4x3 Alloy garage door
Horizontal Alloy garage door
Horizontal Alloy garage door
side by side alloy garage doors
Custom negative detail ACM

Aluminium Garage Doors

Aluminium Composite Material (ACM) sectional garage doors are a perfect addition to the modern designed home utilising negative detail lines (If preferred) to create a bold panel effect.


Standard ACM colours are silver, dark metallic, black and white, however we are able to wet-spray our doors to any colour range thus giving you a vast choice of colour options.


These garage doors are offered with the same options detailed with the cedar garage doors.

Double and single ply-batten garage doors
5x3 ply batten garage door
sectional ply batten garage door
sectional ply batten garage door
sectional ply batten garage door
Standard ply-batten sectional door
custom ply batten

Ply & Batten Garage Doors

​Ply/Batten Cedar garage doors are constructed primarily from marine grade plywood with a choice of 18mm or 10mm thick battens with a vast range of batten widths and profile designs available.


These garage doors are offered with the same options detailed with the cedar garage doors.

Union Jack Double swing
Custom designed cedar doors
louver style cedar sectional door
polycarbonate and macrocarpra batten
Custom designed ply-batten with inset beading
3 x barn style ply batten
custom bi fold garage door
custom garage door
custom ply batten garage door
custom designed ply batten doors
Vertical cedar with windows
Custom Vertical bi-fold designed sectional  with windows
ply batten with 4x windows

Custom Garage Doors

Our custom garage doors can be manufactured from a variety of materials thus making for an exciting concept of door that will enhance and provide you with a unique architectural appeal.


These garage doors are offered with the same options detailed with the cedar garage doors.



Does your Cedar Door look something like this?
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It doesn't cost a fortune to restore your cedar garage door.


Within the greater Waikato, we can dismantle and collect your door, bring it back to our workshop to repair, sand and re-stain making it look like brand new again. The results can make a dramatic difference to the look and value of your property - just ask a real estate agent.


And we don't just restore garage doors ... we also restore and maintain front doors, weatherboards and decks ...


What is Involved? Phone Us!

We will then arrange a convenient time to come out and inspect what condition your door is in, and discuss with you options on how best to do the job.


We will then provide a full written quote for the whole job.


Once you have decided to proceed with the job, we can schedule a convenient time to complete the project. Depending on what is required, we may have to install a temporary non-operational door or plywood (for security reasons) if your door needs to come back to our workshop.


Different finishes are available


We can apply most types of seal or stain that are on the market today!


You therefore have complete choice about the finish you would like. If you would like some help and guidance, we do have some preferred finishes. Come and see our showroom, or we can arrange to send a small number of samples in the post.